Saturday, March 23, 2013

How do writers celebrate?

I finally finished writing Episode 1 of The Dark Triad. It has been uploaded and should be available through Amazon within a day or two.

If readers respond to this series and the feedback remains positive, I foresee myself workong on it for at least the next year, though I would be happy to stay with this story and these characters for a lot longer. Normally, it won't take so long to finish an episode, but I wanted to get the first installment right. This series is important to me. The characters are based on my best friends, the college setting is based on the best years of my life, and the horror side comes from the fact that I've been fascinated with scary stories since I was a child.

I want to strike the right blend between laughs and actual terror. While the main goal of this series will be to provide light entertainment to people who know what it is like to be an uncool kid trying to make the most out of college, I wouldn't mind actually scaring people every now and then.

Most importantly, I just hope people enjoy this series. Few things are more rewarding than entertaining people who, unlike your family and friends, don't feel the need to provide you with positive feedback.

Anyway, how does a writer celebrate finishing a writing project? By starting another one, of course. And so, I'm going to get my ass moving on Episode 2, which will be available within thirty days.

This is a good feeling.

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  1. I want to read your serial - I don't want to buy a Kindle. Nook book?